Portrait by  Zahier Abader

Portrait by Zahier Abader

About Me

I am a Congolese born self-taught photographer and visual storyteller based in Cape Town, South Africa. Although I am a qualified Civil Engineer, visuals have been part of my life since as far as I can remember. However, it’s only in 2017, while studying Engineering at University, that I discovered the power of visuals as a tool for self-expression and storytelling medium. Photography has since then become almost like a second language to me. Through visuals, not only am I able to express my own emotions but also capture emotions of the people I choose to photograph, the people that allow me to tell their story.

In my personal work, I focus on telling familiar and relatable stories in the most organic and creative way possible, with as much honesty as I can. I am always looking for the human factor in the scenes I choose to frame, my aim is not to showcase the exotic but rather the ordinary that is often overlooked.

I can be reached at albanmongane@gmail.com or you can contact me here: